Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

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April 2, 2016, Weekly Update on anti-freedom smoking bans from The Cigar Authority:

March 16, 2015: 
It's all silly, isn't it, smoking ban advocates and authoritarians and leftists (and left-leaning Republicans) wanting to outlaw freedom? Of course it is. 

It's all so un-needed. Smoking bans manifest an eventual division of community. It's not healthy. But the no-smokes couldn't care less. Nope. Remember the sense of pride you had while looking up to the skies and watching the jet airplanes scream over stadiums on the 4th of July? The airplanes are still flying on the 4th, but a lot of freedom-loving folks feel a sense of sorrow anymore. They see our freedoms disappearing as quickly as the jet airplanes disappear into the sunset. 

Smoking bans are a part of from whence the sorrow is born. Smoking bans outlaw common sense and freedom. 

You see, the authoritarians and smoking ban advocates feel that legislating their desires and enacting aniti-freedom laws are freedom. What's that? Sure. You've seen it in your history books with the nazi's wanting to outlaw and kill Jews. They wanted to outlaw what they didn't like. They thought they'd find freedom from what they didn't like if they enforced their desires. 

You've seen it recently with the freedom from religion folks. That's what they want: They want to be free from religion. Their choice, right? They don't have to walk into churches or synagogues or temples. Nope, they can just walk away. However, as is the case with the no-smoke thugs (American Cancer Society, American Lung Association et al), just walking away and letting others live out their lives in a peaceful manner was not ever the intent of the freedom from religion folks. They want all mention of religion stricken. For everyone.

Not unlike the nazi's and the freedom from religion folks, smoking ban advocates don't ask or merely want you to abide by their ways. They demand it. Via the force of law. 

It's all about an unhealthy need to be paid attention to and obeyed. And should that need demand they outlaw others' freedoms? That's fine with them because they've lost perspective and they're out of control. The smoking ban thugs are no different. While they sit at home - and you're in a business that they'd not ever go to if they lived to be 150 - they know you are having to obey laws that outlaw smoking in businesses. They know that if you don't obey them that you'll be fined and business owners will be put out of business, and even eventually jailed. For smoking. In America. Like all tyrants, smoking ban advocates get a thrill in it all.

As we've seen in the past several years, cities and towns are now outlawing smoking in open-air venues. Smoking outside never hurt anyone. But that's not the point with banning smoking outside, is it?

It's actually a very clear insight into their thinking. Like the freedom from religion zealots, nothing with smoking bans has anything to do with the overall health of communities or individuals. Smoking bans are a manifestation of sick minds. The freedom from religion folks want all mention of religion outlawed even if you don't. Smoking ban advocates want anything that looks or smells like tobacco outlawed. Period. It all has to do with them seeing themselves being obeyed and entire populaces being subjugated to authoritarian and totalitarian rule. In America.

The stench of smoking bans and smoking ban advocates is a far greater health concern than the burning of tobacco ever will be. 


January 2, 2015: Golden, Colorado goes authoritarian, outlaws anything on city lands that resembles cigarettes: 

Per an article published in the Denver Post on December 22, 2014, the powers that be in Golden, Colorado and Jefferson County Public Health have outlawed a bit more of freedom and common sense in Colorado and the United States. They have outlawed the use of tobacco and anything that even resembles a cigarette or suggests tobacco use (smoke-free e-ciggies) on lands owned by the city; that would be city buildings, parks, sidewalks, hiking trails, all that.

These folks are nothing more than authoritarian thugs in our opinion. They resemble the tyrants in North Korea, Russia, and China who demand submission to anti-freedom, authoritarian rule. The powers that be in Golden, Colorado demand you submit to dogma, tyranny and dishonest science. They demand you buy into their addiction to drama and their need to be paid attention to. And if you don't? They demand you be punished, fined, even eventually jailed. For smoking. In America.

Smoking ban zealots manifest a disrespect for the rule of law. When people begin to lose respect for the rule of law - when they begin to see continual outlawing of common sense, freedoms and liberties, and honest science - people become disheartened. They give up. And everything begins to go south. That's when the thugs come out to play. History saw it with Hitler in 1930's & 1940's Germany. Cuba saw it in Castro. China saw it in Mao. The United States is seeing it in the continual outlawing of freedoms and liberties not only by democrats and leftists, but also by republicans. Utah, an overwhelmingly republican state, has also outlawed smoking and e-ciggies in bars and restaurants and other public places. Authoritarian thugs wear all sorts of stripes. 

Smoking bans have nothing to do with common sense and fair play. They never have.  

In the article in the Denver Post, Marjorie Sloan, Golden's Mayor is quoted as saying, "there is a trend against smoking, particularly in public places." So, according to Sloan, there is a trend against freedom. That right? Sure it is, with her. Sloan also noted the the city's smoke-free ordinance was conceived after diners complained of being exposed to smoke from those walking by outdoor patios. Our reply would be that the stench of authoritarian rule far exceeds any supposed dangers from people who smoke on outdoor patios.   

In the article, Golden's acting city manager, Jeff Hanson is quoted as saying the City Council has long had a focus on improving public health in the city. "Smoking is just a part of that." So totalitarian rule and outlawing freedom is good for the public health? Appears so with Hanson. 

Also in the article was one of the ever-present no-smoke thugs in Bob Doyle, executive director of the Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance. He's quoted as saying, "The reason I see communities tackling this is to be consistent with their smoke-free laws. You have a lot more outdoor settings that are smoke-free these days." So submission to anti-freedom rule must be demanded and blanket entire populaces. That right, Doyle? 

The stench of authoritarian and totalitarian rule has come to pass in Golden and other cities and counties in Colorado. It's a sad deal. It's disheartening. It's lunacy. It's pathetic. 

Don't kid yourselves - whether you be smokers or not - smoking bans and smoking ban advocates are bad for everyone. Forget for a minute that smoking bans are based on false science. Concentrate on the fact smoking bans outlaw common sense and freedom. Can't smoke in a bar or a privately-owned business that a smoking ban advocate would never go to if they lived to be 150 years old? Can't smoke in a city park or on a sidewalk where smoke is instantly dissipated? Of course not. Because, with smoking ban advocates - it's all about the almighty cause with them. They're pissants.  

And that's why we're here. Smoking ban advocates don't deal with common sense, logic, or honest science. They deal in drama and dogma. They have an unhealthy need to be paid attention to and obeyed. They are arrogant to the point of believing that they have been endowed with the moral authority to demand submission to authoritarian and totalitarian rule over entire populaces. Their desire is to outlaw common sense, honest science, and your freedoms and liberties. Because it makes them feel good.  

Link to article in Denver Post:

November 5, 2014: Missourian Tavern in St. Joseph, Missouri closed in July, 2014 because of smoking ban.
We just came upon this. And it's sad. In an article dated July 29, 2014, owners of the Missiourian Tavern in St. Joseph, Missouri were forced to shut down because of the loss of business that followed an enacted smoking ban in St. Joseph, Missouri. In other words, anti-freedom laws are throwing business owners into bankruptcy. And that's all quite fine with the no-smoke zealots. 

Smoking ban advocates are authoritarian, anti-freedom slobs. Little rough, those words? We used to think so. But we found out long ago that playing fair with the no-smoke zealots - being civil and toning down the rhetoric - doesn't work. 

The closing of the Missourian in St. Joesph, Missouri is another example of the no-smoke authoritarians in the United States not giving a flip about anything but their almighty cause. It's all about them. It always has been. It always will be. They're out of control. 

As we've said numerous times on this website, smoking ban zealots are no different from drug addicts. Their drug isn't heroin or alcohol, it's drama. They've found a way to inject drama into their pathetic lives and be paid attention to via fighting for their cause. It makes them feel important. And like drug addicts, their actions affect not only themselves but everyone around them. They're absorbed with themselves. Drug addicts - too many times - eventually meet their demise via their addictions. The smoking ban zealots know that their totalitarian demands - whenever and wherever enacted - mean a further outlawing of common sense and freedom in our lives.

It's all disgusting. Hundreds of millions of human beings have been slaughtered in human history at the hands of tyrants like Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and others. The murderers didn't have the character to say, "this is wrong. We've gone too far." Rather than doing the decent thing, they chose to go down in history as mass murderers. Smoking ban advocates don't appear to have the character to say they too have gone too far. They've not ever been heard to say, "maybe we ought to just leave people alone. This is causing too much dissension in communities." Nope. 

The concept of folks living out their lives in peace and wishing the same for others doesn't appear to be a part the the no-smoke zealots thinking. At least not to date. Because they're out of control.  

We hope those who went to the Missourian Tavern in St. Joseph, Missouri have found another way/place to get together and chat and enjoy the fellowship of each other. We hope the former owners of the Missourian Tavern have found another way to earn income and pay the bills.

We wish the smoking ban slobs would just go away. But they won't, and they haven't, and that's why we're here. 

Link to St. Joseph/The Missourian story:

September 8, 2014: Right on! The Kokomo, Indinana Common Council Votes Down Smoking Ban!

Ha, ha! This is great! Link to the article pasted below. 

In the face of authoritarians and nannies and totalitarians and others who desired to outlaw common sense and freedom, the Kokomo Common Council voted down a proposed anti-freedom smoking ban. This is great news. The amendment would have banned common sense, and smoking - even E ciggies - in all bars and all "public establishments." 

Those who voted against the proposed anti-Amercian ban were: Mike Wyant, Mike Kennedy, Donnie Haworth, Bob Cameron, and Kevin Summers. applauds their action. They're great folks, and they're what all freedom-loving Americans expect and like to see from elected officials. 

See more on our News-Making Progress page.


 February 12, 2013: GREAT NEWS Out of Casper, Wyoming. Council Members Vote to Repeal Smoking Ban. 

This is wonderful news. Casper City Council members voted today to repeal Casper's recently enacted smoking ban.  

Casper has some true, freedom-loving patriots on its City Council. Councilmen Daniel Sandoval, Stephen Cathey, Keith Goodenough and Paul Bertoglio today favored repealing the recently enacted smoking ban in Casper. 

The anti-freedom thugs were present. That’s no surprise. They always are. Per published reports, one of those was Casper's authoritarian mayor, Kenyne Schlager. She fought to keep the ordinance as written. The anti-freedom thug is quoted as saying, “We studied it. We did our due diligence.”

Oh, really? We wonder if Ms. Schlager’s diligence showed her that businesses across the United States have gone bankrupt, and that those former business owners have incurred poverty because of anti-American smoking bans being enacted. We wonder if her diligence also showed her that smoking bans manifest a disrespect for the rule of law. Or that outlawing personal responsibility is bad for all of us. Diligence. Right.

Like drug addicts who inject drugs into their bodies to feel a false sense of drama and enlightenment - even if it means their eventual demise and the demise of those around them - it's all about Kenyne Schlager and her no-smoke pals. Their actions have nothing to do with the collective health of a populace. They never did. The no-smoke pissants have lost perspective. They're out of control. Like all tyrants, the no-smokes appear to have a pathological need to control other's lives. It’s quite fine by them if their addiction to drama means the eventual demise of freedom, liberty, common sense, and honest science where smoking bans have been enacted. They have the arrogance to demand entire populaces submit to tyranny. Because it makes them feel good.

An interesting aside in published reports state that three of the four council members who had voted for the smoking ban in Casper several months ago left the council in 2012.

So things are turning around in Casper. 

This is all great news. For the most part, Wyoming has been one of the last vestiges of true freedom still alive in the United States. 

All freedom-loving Americans are proud of Daniel Sandoval, Stephen Cathey, Keith Goodenough and Paul Bertoglio. 


January 24, 2013: Some Good News Out of Casper, Wyoming: Business Owners Complaining About Recently Enacted Smoking Ban.

Per published reports, business owners in Casper, Wyoming, have recently complained to to Casper's City Council about the anti-freedom smoking ban causing a decline in their business incomes. Imagine that. Contrary to what the no-smoke pissants have tried to tell people all over the United States - 1+1=3 - authoritarian smoking bans have caused businesses to suffer deep declines in income. Smoking bans have caused businesses to close. Smoke bans have sent people into poverty and have manifested depression and even suicidal behaviour. 

Regretfully, no one on Casper's City Council was heard to say, "You know, the smoking ban did intrude too far into people's lives. We overstepped our authority. We need to stay the hell out of people's lives." Nope. In published reports Casper's mayor, Kenyne Schlager, is reported to have said the council will schedule a special work session at a later date to revisit the ban.  

We'll hope for the best. We'll see what happens. Everyone by now knows what will follow. The authoritarian no-smokes will no doubt raise their tyrancial heads and demand citizens of Casper submit to authoritarian rule. What they won't say however is that smoking bans manifest a disrespect for the rule of law which is bad for all of us. And we all know that the no-smoke pissants don't care about that. They never have. It's all about them and controlling other people's lives. Your freedom and liberty, common sense and honest science, and a content society all be damned with them. 

So kudo's to the business owners who appeared before Casper's City Council. Freedom-loving Americans are proud of you. It's always good to see people standing up to anti-freedom tyrants. We'll hope for the best. 


January 22, 2013: Good News Out of St. Joseph, Missouri. Citizens Riled, Demand Smoking Ban Be Repealed:

Citizens in St. Joseph, Missouri, have formed a group to fight the anti-freedom, authoritarian smoking ban in St. Joseph. They're calling themselves the United Freedom Coalition.  

Per published reports, Bob Meeks is spearheading the group. He's quoted in online articles as saying, "This is something that really stirred me up the most,” he said, speaking of the smoking ban. “Basically, because if you keep the count that I see overseas, there's been over 60,000 people that have lost their lives and come back in body bags for two words: freedom and choice. I don't think that this council, nor any legislatures, should slap them in the face and say 'We're going to take your rights away to do business. Right now I want these people to be organized, which they will be, understand the program, and hopefully get this stopped, that's all my goal is." 

This is great to see. We've said for years that the anti-freedom smoking ban movement is showing cracks in its facade. People have finally begun to understand that smoking bans have never had anything to do with protecting the collective health of a populace. Smoking bans have never been about honest science. Smoking bans have always been about control. They've been driven by anti-freedom tyrants addicted to drama. The no-smoke slobs have a neurotic need to be paid attention to. So they've invented rotten science. They demand entire populaces submit to their desires to be obeyed(!). Smoking bans have been enacted by cowards who haven't exhibited the courage to stand up to the no-smoke pissants and challenge them on their untrue assertions.

We'll see how it goes. In a perfect society where freedom is cherrished, the no-smoke pissants would have been told to go home and play with themselves a long time ago. Unfortunately, we're not seeing too much of that in the United States these days. We'll hope for the best. Keep fighting guys. All freedom-loving Americans are proud of you!


January 3, 2013: GREAT NEWS out of Minnesota: Authoritarian, no-smoke slobs have been stopped in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

The Cottage Grove City Council voted unanimously to reject a smoking ban in their city parks. With the proposed ordinance, the only exceptions would have been for private functions, and on their municipal River Oaks Golf course. 

Unanimously. Sweet.

It's not a complete repeal of anti-freedom smoking bans, but the folks in Cottage Grove are headed in the right direction. This is encouraging news.

Sadly, but n
ot surprisingly, the smoking ban was endorsed by the city's parks and environment commission. Wow. Imagine that. The anti-freedom smoking ban thugs now infest every level of city, county, state, and federal government in the United States these days. They're everywhere. 

However, increasing numbers of Americans are now standing up to the no-smoke slobs. It's good to see. Citizens are standing up and saying they've had enough of the non-stop dogma, the disguting anti-freedom advertisements and videos paid for with taxpayer dollars, and the lies put forth by the smoking ban zealots. Prudent and rational people only want to be left alone to live out their lives in a peaceful manner. They wish the same for others. But the no-smoke slobs? They don't care about any of that. They never have. They've lost perspective, and they're out of control. With them it's all about their almighty cause. They haven't the character to admit they went too far long ago. Honest science? Leaving people the hell alone? Ha! Much like Hitler and Stalin, smoking ban advocates demand you bow down and allow them to rule your lives. They demand you submit to drama and tyranny or be punished. Put out of business. Even jailed. For smoking. In America. - and all freedom-loveing Americans - applaud Cottage Grover City Council members Mayor Myron Bailey, Derrick Lehrke, Jen Peterson, Justin Olsen, and David Thiede. You stood up for freedom, common sense, and rational thought. We're proud of you 

December 27, 2012: General Norman Schwarzkopf Passes Away:

He dedicated his life to defending freedom. And he fought for it. He didn't suffer fools lightly. He had ideals. And he stuck with them. 

May God watch over his soul, and his family and friends. We are greater because of him, we are less because of him if we don't keep up the fight for freedom in our own lives. 




This is wonderful news. Common sense has prevailed. The no-smoke slobs in Johnson County, Indiana have been defeated and told to go away and leave people the hell alone per the actions of patriotic citizens in a governmental body. 

Get this: The Commissioners in Johnson County, just south of Indianapolis, voted unanimously this week to repeal the countywide ban, which had been slated to begin Jan. 5.

Unanimously. Sweet. 

Commissioner Troy DeHart said he voted for the ban the first time around, but now voted for the repeal, and is now quoted as saying, “I felt like we really infringed upon what this country was founded on. It’s not an issue of not smoking or smoking, it’s a loss of freedom,” he said. “I humbly said it more than once that I felt I made a mistake. I will stick to my guns. I made that mistake.”

Troy DeHart is a good man. He's exhibited the courage and the character to admit a mistake. That's the mark of a good soul. 

Commissioner Ron West is quoted as saying, "Where you begin to legislate behavior, people are going to rebel against it. They’re going to find ways around it. So, I think a lot of it comes back to personal decisions, personal rights."

We couldn't be more proud of the commissioners in Johnson County, Indiana. Their actions are nothing less than patriotic.

December 5, 2012. Pathetic News Out Of Boulder, Colorado. Authoritarian No-Smoke Zealots Want Jail Time For Smokers Who Smoke Outside: 

The anti-freedom zealots on the Boulder, Colorado City Council are mulling over a complete smoking ban on Boulder's (outside) Pearl Street Mall. If you're not familiar with Boulder, the mall is several city blocks that are a walking area closed to vehicles and that are lined with shops.

The final vote is expected December 18th. And the fines should anyone be cited for smoking on the mall? Get this: Up to $1,000.00 or 90 days in jail. For smoking, in America. 

The article on Denver's CBS Channel 4 website states, "A lot of complaints from tourists, residents and business owners about the dangers of secondhand smoke prompted the outdoor smoking ban proposal." Secondhand smoke dangers via smoking outside? Oh, really? And cows fly over the moon. How about the dangers and stench of outlawing freedom?  

The article then goes on to state flatly, "Secondhand smoke kills 40,000 people every year." 40,000? The statement is a straight-up lie. 

We challenge CBS Denver - or any no-smoke slob - to cite not 40,000 people, or even 40 people who died via secondhand smoke in the last 365 days. Name us 4. In the United States. They can't, of course. Nor has it ever been their intent to. Honesty has never been their intent. 

Reference our post below dated May 20th, 2012. In it, we said, "We remember when Denver and Colorado were a "Center-of-the-Universe" type of place. You know, the mountains are beautiful and so many of the towns just as well. Music and freedom thrived. If you wanted to go hike or ski or kayak in beautiful surroundings, it was all there. Still is. If you wanted to go walk through Boulder on The Hill and on the Pearl Street Mall and check out the "other-worldly" foks, they were there too. They still are. It was fun. It was called freedom. And if you wanted to stop in a tavern or nightclub afterwards and have a drink and a smoke? No problem. It was America at its best. 

But in a place where every nut-job in the United States has either passed through or has set up house in, well, it's to be expected, the outlawing of your rights. They came, and they stayed and they demanded change and obedience to their version
of nirvana, that being your freedom and liberty and common sense be outlawed. Just like in California. And like in North Korea and China.  

We're appalled by this action by the members of the City Council of Boulder, Colorado. The individuals on the council are no different than the authoritarians in China and North Korea, or any other authoritarian regime. They demand you obey dishonest science. They demand you submit to dogma and drama. They demand you submit to tyranny. All for the almighty cause. And if you don't bow down and obey them? They demand you be punished. Jailed. For smoking. 

In America. 

Smoking ban advocates are authoritarians caught up in drama and lies.  

They're anti-freedom. They're out of control. They've lost perspective. They're anti-American. Smoking ban advocates have metaphorically spit upon the graves of all of those who gave all for freedom. We find their actions reprehensible.  

Denver CBS Channel 4:

Denver NBC Channel 9:   

November 28, 2012: Anti-freedom activist U.S. District Judge - Gladys Kessler - declares tobacco companies must state that false science driven by dogma and anti-freedom slobs is true science. Or be punished. In America. Sound a bit like North Korea or China? Well, it's here now. 

Judge Gladys Kessler. Anti-Freedom Zealot. 

We've stated for years that the anti-freedom smoking ban advocates are now in every level of government in the United States. We've seen one of the worst, most appalling instances of an individual in government attempting to outlaw freedom in the United States today. It was by a United States District Court judge. Judge Gladys Kessler has demanded - via the force of law and our tax money - that tobacco companies - in America - go against honest science in saying that smoking kills more people than murder, AIDS, suicide, drugs, car crashes and alcohol combined, and that secondhand smoke kills over 3,000 Americans a year."

Ms. Kessler's assertions are absurd, of course. They can not be proven, nor will they ever be via honest science or outside of Ms. Kessler's seemingly dellusional, anti-freedom mindset. But that doesn't matter with the anti-smoking zealots like Glady Kessler. Nope. Never has. Never will. 

This shall go down as one of the worst days in all of American history for those who love freedom. Doesn't matter if you smoke or not. 

We state again: Smoking ban advocates manifest a disrespect for the rule of law. That's bad for all of us. But they don't care. They never have, and they most likely never will. They've lost perspective. With the anti-smoking zealots it's all about dogma and drama. It's all about their almighty cause. Similar to as it was with the nazi's in 1930's and 1940's Germany, the no-smoke zealots demand you shall obey and buy into their drama or be punished. Freedom, common sense, honest science, and your liberty, be damned. 

We find Ms. Kessler's actions reprehensible at the very least. 

Ms. Kessler appears to be fine with outlawing certain individuals rights  and some of the basic tenants of law in the United States. We're speaking of a United States District Judge here. The woman's actions and reasoning are terrifying.  

Judge Kessler took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. The woman has obiviously fallen into a state of mind where it is now her beliefs - not honest science, nor for the good of all and freedom and liberty - that matter the most and shall be enforced in the United States.  

In our opinion, Gladys Kessler should be driven from the bench via her peers. We don't see how anyone could any longer consider her worthy of representing the United States Constitution, the rule of law, or of a mindset to judge any American.

Too far? We don't think so. Judge Gladys Kessler has demanded Americans submit to tyrany and false science or be punished. Her actions are anti-freedom. They are un-American. 

Respect for the rule of law? It's needed for free societies to function. When that fails in the United States, all fails. That's not a good thing. And it's not something anyone of a prudent and reasonable mindset would want to see in their country.  


November 10, 2012: Great News. Arizona State Universtiy Students Stand Up To Anti-Freedom Academia.
Per an article published in the Phoenix Business Journal, students plan protesting against the authoritarian leftists at ASU who demand anti-freedom smoking ban (tyranny) on campus. See more about college smoking bans in our October 26 entry directly below. 

October 26, 2012: No-Smoke Nazi's Continue To Try & Outlaw Freedom. More Americans Now Standing Up Against Them:

It's sad. Leftists on college campuses are outlawing freedom where freedom and open thought should be encouraged. Professors and chancellors have gone from being encouragers of free thought to assuming the roles of indoctrinators. They don't like smoking, so they outlaw it for everyone on their campuses. Because it makes them feel good seeing people obey them and submitting to tyranny.  They like being paid attention to. They enjoy the drama. Like drug addicts who find a false sense of drama and enlightenment via injecting drugs into their veins - even to their own demise - smoking ban advocates appear addicted to the drama they feel via enacting anti-freedom smoking ordinances. Even if it means the demise of more of our liberties and common sense. Content and healthy societies? They don't care about that. They never have. Nope. It's all about them. Always has been. They enjoy going to meetings with others in academia and being able to pat each other on the back and say they've outlawed freedom, too. Their actions are appalling. 

Tell us: When did smoking a cigarette outside on a college campus ever hurt anyone? The answer would be? 

There are scientists now who have gone from being thrilled at their discoveries - continually chasing down the mysteries of the universe - whose thinking has now been corrupted by dogma and drama. Too many scientists anymore don't have a problem with inventing bad science to meet a pre-determined and desired outcome. They're paid to. And they've found out that bad science can also get them published in journals. Honest science - forming an hypothesis and then seeing where their works leads them to? It's gone out the window with too many of them. People should be able to take scientists at their word. It's a basic tenant of being a scientist: Find truth, don't invent it. We should be able to trust scientific findings. Sadly it's no longer true in too many cases. That's bad for all of us. But they don't care.  
We compare the no-smoke zealots to nazi's many times on this website. We don't find pleasure in doing that. We don't get a charge from it, nor do we put the comparison out there in a casual manner. However, the no-smoke slobs are acting like the nazi's in 1930's Germany and the Stalinists in Russia, aren't they? Agree with them, buy into their dogma and crap, submit to their tyranny...or be punished, even jailed, for smoking. In America. 

This is no longer the America we grew up in. It breaks our hearts. 

We've been asked several times to tone down our rhetoric. At times we have, naively believing the no-smoke slobs would surely come around and see they've gone too far. This is America, after all. People just want to be left the hell alone and live out their lives in a peaceful way. They want to prosper. And they wish the same for others.

But the zealots don't stop. And we doubt they ever will. The no-smoke pissants have not the character or the courage to admit they've gone too far. They keep going. They continually find allies in city, county, and state governmental bodies to help them outlaw freedom. Their ultimate goal is to see smoking outlawed completely. 

You realize that, don't you? Don't doubt it for a second. 
It is their intent to pass so many no-smoke ordinances that places where smoking is still allowed will be seen as pockets of resistance. In other words, in their thinking, common sense and honest science and freedom are now bad things that are not to be tolerated. Quite like it's been in all authoritarian societies.  

The anti-freedom, no-smoke slobs don't see a problem with their version of freedom and liberty being enforced. Even if it means outlawing freedom for others. 

It's all quite chilling that this is happening in America. The no-smoke pissants need to be countered and stopped. That's why we're here.  


September 2, 2012: No-Smoke Slobs Take Casper, Wyoming Into Authoritarian Rule. 

Wyoming has been one of the last vestiges of true freedom in the United States. That's been changing. Much like it's happened in Colorado and Montana, others with different ways came and eventually demanded entire populaces submit to drama and enforced tyranny. You know, for the good of the collective. 

The powers that be in Casper, Wyoming have now taken away the right of independent business owners to operate their businesses as they see fit. A smoking ban has gone into effect in Casper. And the no-smoke pissants are celebrating at the outlawing of honest science and a bit more of freedom and liberty. They are drunk with drama. 

It's all quite frightening. 

Like the nazi's in 1930's and 1940's Germany, smoking ban advocates in the United States - the new nazi's in America -  are demanding entire populaces bow down and submit to drama and dishonest science. They are demanding tyranny be enforced via law. In America. And if you shouldn't agree with them? They demand you be punished, put out of business, and even eventually jailed. For smoking. In Casper, Wyoming.  

So what's the good news here? Is there any? Yes, and here it is: The power of  the human soul to live free has not ever been conquered. In all of time. It never will be. The enforced drama of the no-smoke slobs will eventually come falling down upon them. They are their own worst enemies. It's been that way in all of human history with all tyrants. 

Smoking bans will eventually be repealed, however the cost will be enormous. Businesses will go bankrupt and lives will be ruined. And that's fine with the no-smoke slobs. Because it's all about them. It always has been. Your freedoms and liberties and common sense and honest science, be damned. 


August 27, 2012: GREAT NEWS! Freedom Is On A Roll In the United States District Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.

Smoking ban advocates – via the resources of our Food & Drug Administration and our Justice Department in the United States - have demanded that obscene images be put on packs of cigarettes. It’s a fight that’s been going on for some time. It is their intent to see segments of populations be marginalized via non-stop propaganda. You know, like it’s done in North Korea and China.

In a ruling on August 24th, the United States Appeals Court in Washington D.C. ruled that cigarette companies do not need to comply with new federal rules requiring their products to show graphic warning images. 

In the legal opinion, Judge Janice Rogers Brown said, "This case raises novel questions about the scope of the government's authority to force the manufacturer of a product to go beyond making purely factual and accurate commercial disclosures and undermine its own economic interest - in this case, by making 'every single pack of cigarettes in the country mini billboard' for the government's anti-smoking message."

In other words, freedom and honest science won on August 24th. 

However, the anti-freedom slobs are going to appeal. Sure they are. With the money you pay in taxes, no less. Yep. They don't know when to leave people the hell alone and get on with their lives. They never have, because they’re addicted to drama.  

                                                                                                                                   You Will Obey!

Barack Obama and his anti-freedom thugs in the Food & Drug Administration and the United States Department of Justice are using millions of dollars of your money to outlaw a bit more of freedom and common sense and honest science in the United States. We find their actions appalling.  

It is their desire to see more of our freedoms and liberty be outlawed.  

Smoking ban advocates now infest every level of government in the United States, England, Australia and other countries whom represent themselves as free and not authoritarian. It is their desire that entire countries bow down to dishonest science, dogma, tyranny, and authoritarian rule.


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