Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

This verse was submitted to us. We find it appropriate. We've added a page to show it.

"This isn't about enemies attacking our country from the outside. It's about politicians on both the left and the right in the United States trying to legislate away our freedoms. It's about Americans who will still stand and fight rather than giving up their freedom and liberty." 

                                          "Our Homes Our Own"

Many and lone in their hearts were those in battle when the shots rang out. 
They made their choice, stay benefit of all given at home or go to defend.
Freedom had always rendered a good crop.
Shielded from all in childhood days,
given by all who had laid down before them,
that they would enjoy the parades on the 4th of July.
And then those came with other ways,
to try and take it away, demanding all obey.
Not yet soldiers they saw the calling of freedom before,
their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, not backing down.
Their land theirs, their homes their own.
The canons rang and blood was shed,
not to be heard by those at home safely in bed.
They slept calm again for all who gave and had been.
Then they too left home and they gave all,
defeating those who demanded freedom fall.
Their crops theirs, not belonging to others, nor their liberty taken,
not ever, not this season.  

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