Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

Tone Down The Rhetoric?

Maybe later, but not now. 

We received an email from a guy in Wisconsin who said he owns a bar. He didn't give us permission to use his name, so we won't. He said he's on our side. He said his income went down as soon as the anti-freedom smoking ban was enacted in his state. He also suggested we might (or should, we can't remember) tone down our rhetoric. We understand his thinking.

In our reply, we said that suggesting folks tone down their rhetoric is a favorite tactic of the leftists and the no-smoke thugs to see their agenda come into being.  

Here's how the leftists and no-smoke slobs fight: They know pro-freedom folks can be naive and begin from a standpoint of: "They can't really be that bad, the no-smokes. Rational people only want to live out their lives in a peaceful manner. They wish the same for others." The no-smokes know you'll try to counter them with a sense of decency, fair play, honesty, and logic in debasing their not-true assertions. But they won't use the same. They never intended to. 

Their intent is to lull you into believing they are decent people when they're not. They won't tell you that fraud and lies are their chosen tools for seeing their anti-freedom agenda coming into fruition.

And that's their trap: They don't represent themselves for being the authoritarian thugs that they are. Not until it's too late anyway and after their goals have been enacted in more and more communities. Then they'll come out full-throttle. They now openly refer to towns and counties where smoking is allowed as "pockets of resistance."

It's the same tactic all authoritarians, fascists and totalitarians have used.

Like all tyrants - the game plan for smoking ban advocates is to continue to deny common sense and honest science. Tyrants win with lies and over naive peoples. They will continue to marginalize - and demand punishment upon - people who stand up for freedom. They will continually outlaw more and more freedoms and liberties until people begin to believe it's useless to continue the fight.

Much like Hitler, Marx, Mao, Lenin, and Stalin, they are going to the schools and indoctrinating children. They yearn for the day when the masses shall believe in deceit and non-stop propaganda. They want you and entire populaces to believe that holding onto individual freedoms and liberties will only result in your demise. They believe that when that day arrives that the fight will be over. They believe that submission and obedience shall be theirs. They believe entire citizenries will give up on freedom and liberty. We saw it years ago.

Truth and honesty have not ever been a part of their thinking. All that's important with the no-smoke slobs is the almighty "Cause."  They've lost perspective. They're out of control. They're addicted to drama. Freedom? Liberty? Personal ownership? These are acceptable casualties in the minds of the no-smoke zealots. And somehow, in their minds, if people refuse to back down from them? And if freedom-loving citizens should use terms such as "slob," or "un-American," or "nazi," or "fascist,"  or "pissant" in describing the no-smoke zealots? That's somehow unfair or over-the-top? 

See how it works? It's all quite simple. And we have to admit it's a brilliant strategy even though it's also dishonest and repugnant. Castro, Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Mao, and Stalin all used the same. 

The no-smoke slobs will use deceit, they will lie, they will marginalize - and even demand incarceration - for anyone who refuses to submit to tyranny. In America.  

Don't doubt it for a second: The no-smoke zealots in the United States will use any means to see their anti-freedom agenda come into being. They know they're divisive. And that's fine by them. Smoking bans have nothing to do with health. They never have. With tyrants it's all about control. They've found allies in nearly every sector of American society now. They're allies are private citizens and they're people in government. It's all quite terrifying.

But here's the good news: Unfortunately for the no-smoke pissants, the desire and yearning for freedom runs wild in the veins of many Americans. The no-smoke thugs don't have the power to change that. They don't have the power to deny the human desire to live free. They never will. The very dogma and drama the anti-freedom pissants are addicted to will be their eventual downfall. It will all come down upon them. It's been that way for all tyrants in all of human history.

So our reply is we won't back down or tone down our rhetoric.

The best societies are borne out of freedom, not tyrany or authoritarian or totalitarian rule. The best thinking, the best writing, the best music, the best science and technology, the most content societies originate from free peoples. It's worth fighting for.   


Aside: It's not fun doing this, updating this website and calling people out. We don't like it. It's a pain. We don't get off on drama. Never have. That's not what this website is about. It's not a good thing when people don't get along. Our only desire is to see common sense and freedom prevail. Until the no-smoke zealots get a grip and regain a sense of composure and perspective, we're not going to stop. 

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